eCommerce continues to grow in Europe and U.S.

Several reports that were published recently are hailing the continued growth of eCommerce both in Europe and the U.S.  According to a study by eMarketer, growth rates of around ten percent annually in the U.S. will continue until 2015 as consumers spend more time online.

In Europe, Forrester is also predicting 10% eCommerce growth per year through 2015. In the UK, the biggest online retailing market in Europe, online sales were up 20% from 2010 for January/February 2011.  Forrester attributed this in part to the fact that in the UK (as well as the Netherlands and Sweden) at least 70% of the population shops online — impressive! Internet Retailer recently released their “Top 300” index of European eCommerce players. Unsurprisingly, Amazon tops the list, followed  by Otto, Tesco, and Staples.

“Most of the growth in ecommerce is coming from incumbent online buyers shifting more of their spending from stores to the internet rather than from the spending power of new online buyers,” said Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer principal analyst.

For similar reasons (more consumers online for more time), and due to the performance pressures of a tough economy, many advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars online, according to a recent eMarketer report (“Online Ad Spending Continues Double Digit Growth,” December 2010).

If consumers are going to continue to spend more time and money online, eCommerce advertisers will certainly be looking to capture those dollars, pounds, and euros through their online marketing channels. And now, thanks to new display technologies like real-time bidding, personalized remarketing, and audience extension, eCommerce players can reach their shop browsers and qualified new users with highly personalized advertisements that drive incremental sales and leads, a perfect complement to the search marketing that most eCommerce players depend on to meet performance goals.

We look forward to helping eCommerce players across Europe continue to grow, driving incremental sales and leads through a new generation of performance display advertising.

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