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Display Advertising Resources: Slideshows

The display advertising industry is a complex and rapidly shifting ecosystem. This can make it difficult for marketing professionals who are not directly involved in display tech to keep up with all the latest trends and techniques, much less terminology, that comes with these changes.

That’s why we created our What is RTB eCommerce? presentation to help explain how our advertising technology works.

But there are loads of other helpful presentations listed on websites like Slideshare and Scribd. The following is collection of some of the industry presentations we have found most helpful for visually explaining complex topics like ad exchanges, demand-side platforms, real-time bidding, and the state of the display industry. We’ll try to keep the page updated as we come across new presentations that might be helpful for our readers. And of course we need your help: please feel free to suggest other presentations in the comments!

Update April 2011: The multiple slideshow embeds were causing a load-time nightmare, so we’ve opted instead to provide you with the links to the presentations and small summary of each. Not as pleasing to the eye, but certainly nicer to your browser.

Slideshows listed in the order they were posted. (With the oldest presentations first, it’s interesting to see the industry’s developments over time in the context of the presentations.)

What is Real Time Bidding (in 30 seconds) [+Audio]
What is RTB in 30 seconds?
The by-now “classic” 30-second introduction to real-time bidding.






What is User Intent (in 30 Seconds) [+ Audio]
What is user intent?
Another 30-second tutorial explaining how “user intent” to purchase is determined for behavioral advertising purposes.





Behavioral Targeting Webinar
Behavioral targeting webinar
Offers a overview of the behavioral targeting landscape, including slides that compare the characteristics of the various technology players (ad networks, media buying platforms, data platforms, etc.)





Terence Kawaja’s IAB Networks and Exchanges Keynote [+ Audio]
T.K.'s Ad Networks and Exchanges Keynote
Includes his now-famous industry landscape chart, which he periodically updates.





Admeld Presentation from ExchangeWire’s Ad Trading Summit 2010
Admeld ExchangeWire Ad Trading Summit 2010
Overview of “how we got here” (where “here” is the modern world of ad trading), includes a nice peek into the initial growth of real-time bidding in Europe from the sell-side perspective.






The SCIENCE-ification of Media [+ Audio]
The Science-ification of media
The presentation from whence the “Math Men” meme began. Terence Kawaja explains how online media is coming into its own as a data-driven media channel.





Rubicon Keynote: Matiro event: All About RTB
Rubicon Project: All About RTB
Sell-side platform the Rubicon Project offers their insight on the state of real-time bidding affairs in U.S. compared to in the U.K. and France. Highlights include list of ecosystem opportunities.





DSPs and Ad Exchanges: A Peek Inside the Black Box
DSPs and Ad Exchanges: Peek Inside the Black Box
Adam Cahill tries to make sense of the ad trading landscape via a personal survey of DSP and ad exchange personnel. You can find some nice commentary on AdExchanger.





The Konrad Feldman Data Keynote Presentation, Ad Trading Summit 2010: Data and the Quantification of Advertising
Quantification of Media
Great “then vs. now” overview of the display industry, explanation of real-time bidding and what sort of technology it demands.





Digital Transformation or Disruption? – DSPs, Digital Advertising, and the Changing Role of the Agency
Digital Transformation or Disruption?Presentation from a webinar that covered, in part, how display works as a “brand-demand” channel, delivering performance results with branding side effects. Includes Adobe case study: Adobe Puts Dynamic Personalization to the Test





What is RTB eCommerce?
What is RT eCommerce
The latest presentation from yours truly, offering a brief overview of our full-service offerings, including shopper remarketing, dynamic ad personalization, audience extension, and more.
View more presentations from sociomantic.





The Arrival of Real-time Bidding (IAB Webinar)
These are the slides from a webinar featuring input from the IAB, Google, and Forrester on the growth of real-time bidding. It starts with a great intro to technology as well as a healthy overview of the successes and challenges faced by both buyers and sellers of media in RTB. Lots of great input from Forrester on how advertisers can get started with RTB. View the video.





Originally published December 1, 2010.

Big thanks to all the companies and individuals who have taken the time to create and share these excellent presentations. Keep up the good work.