Top 10 Reasons To Work for a Startup

(Especially one as disruptive as sociomantic labs)

Anyone who’s watched our Careers page or Facebook feed lately has probably noticed that we’re hiring. Demand for real-time bidding technologies is growing fast, and to meet that demand we’re continually expanding our team. It’s an exciting time to work at sociomantic, and an exciting time to be participating in one of the fastest-growing segments of online advertising.

Just look at where the “big guys” are investing — Google has gone gaga for RTB display in the last year (see for example their recent purchase of Admeld for $400 million), Microsoft has just announced some big improvements coming to their display machine, DG’s recent purchase of both MediaMind and EyeWonder… the list goes on. The digital share of the marketing pie will only continue to grow of the next years, and the growth of RTB will be a major component of that expansion.

The industry’s growth is just one reason why it’s an exciting time to work at sociomantic, but the benefits are many. In no particular order, here’s my top ten:

1. A sense of urgency
Every day is a big day at sociomantic HQ. For us, as for any startup, hurdles and challenges abound. Things are changing and expanding constantly, and for a certain personality type, the intellectual stimulation provided by this constant flux is what makes working here worthwhile.

2. Personal Fulfillment
From my experience, this is something that is much harder to achieve from within a large corporation. Working for a startup, you see the immediate, visible results of what you personally have contributed to the company. And as the company grows, you get to witness not only the daily effects, but the lasting impact of something you helped to build.

3. Research and Innovation
There are a lot of companies in this space that offer good, smart marketing solutions. That means it’s our job to create and maintain even better, even smarter marketing solutions and deliver them with superior service if we want to stay in the game. Our company was born out of academic research, and research and innovation remains (and will remain) one of the central tenants of our business.

4. Fast-Paced Learning
I’m a full supporter of higher education, but I get the feeling that I’ve learned more in my past 1.5 years at sociomantic than I learned in four years of studies. I don’t think this is necessarily the fault of my schooling as much as a characteristic of the work environment here. I can safely say that I head into each weekend with the feeling that I have expanded my capabilities or knowledge in some way each week.

5. Diversity
Our solutions are aimed at cross-border, multi-national eCommerce companies. So it makes sense that the people developing our products should come from a global background. Internationality is a key tenant of our business design, and we strive to build a team that is as diverse as the markets we serve. There’s a certain sensibility about people  with what we call an “international mindset” — the open-mindedness and flexibility that comes from immersing yourself in new and different cultures. This mindset — and the diversity that breeds it — makes this an awesome work environment.

6. Freedom
This may seem a little surface-level at first, but I think it has a huge impact on day-to-day attitudes at a company. At sociomantic, we are given a lot of flexibility — whether it comes to the hours and days we choose to work, what music we play on the office speakers, or the clothes we wear at the desk, our managers create an environment where the team can feel comfortable and do their best work. After all, if you hire someone because of his or her individual attributes that set them apart from the other candidates, he or she should feel comfortable expressing those attributes in their place of work, right?

7. Growth
Working in a startup like sociomantic, you really get to feel the pulse of an industry that is truly alive — growing, expanding, and changing each day. And growth is a really exciting thing, no matter what industry or company you work in. Watching trend lines that are going up — whether they are measuring efficiency, revenue, full-time employees, data volumes, or happy customers — is something that is sure to excite every department in the company.

8. Responsibility and Influence
One of the key differences in working at a startup versus a large corporation is in the level of responsibility given to individual team members across the hierarchy. We operate with a relatively flat structure here — all team members get to contribute to major projects, even our interns. Because each project team gets a high level of responsibility, people really tend to take ownership of their projects, striving for excellence on all levels.

9. Impact and Disruption
It’s a great testament to our founders that they have managed to build a company which is truly rocking the existing European display ecosystem, and it’s an honor to be part of a team that is dedicated to helping our customers take advantage of the most sophisticated online marketing approaches available in the market today.

10. Our Team
I can truly say that I am proud to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry today. As mentioned in the previous point, our diversity in both cultures but also in experiences gives us a creativity and agility that makes us champion innovators. On the other hand, the high-level digital marketing experience of our founders, management, sales, and product teams means that we know the industry inside-out, and can anticipate and accomodate customer needs and desires. Plus, these folks are just plain fun to work with.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Are you looking for an unique, exciting, and challenging career in a dynamic and competitive industry? Maybe we’ve got a desk for you at the sociomantic office. Why not check out our Careers page and find out?