BrandAlley Case Study: Growing Retargeting ROI with Real-time CRM Segmentation

Today, we’re pleased to present the results of a case study conducted with our client BrandAlley, the leading French online shopping club and outlet, in conjunction with leading real-time analytics company, Eulerian Technologies. The study shows how BrandAlley was able to see a four-fold increase in sales volume and double its new customers year over year using the Sociomantic DSP to apply real-time customer segmentation to their retargeting campaigns.

“Thanks to a shared focus on real-time technologies and the granular application of our first party user data, this cooperation between Sociomantic and Eulerian Technologies resulted in a significant lift in ROI for BrandAlley compared to our original retargeting strategy.”
– Sébastien Robles, Marketing Director, BrandAlley

Sociomantic and Eulerian Technologies worked together to make it possible for BrandAlley to integrate the purchase histories of their existing customers into their display strategy. The aim of the cooperation was to focus advertising dollars on new customers and reactivate customers who had not purchased on site for more than 12 months. The result was a significant increase in display ROI for BrandAlley.

Since 2011, BrandAlley has worked with Sociomantic to increase sales from new and existing customers via Sociomantic’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP). In the early campaigns, Sociomantic could use data passed from BrandAlley to identify 20% of website visitors as existing customers BrandAlley. This enabled Sociomantic to assign different eCPA (effective cost-per-action) optimization targets for new versus existing customers, a great first step in improving campaign efficiency.

However, by going deeper with its RTB optimization, BrandAlley was able to achieve even better ROI. By taking advantage of its partnership with Eulerian Technologies, BrandAlley was able to pass CRM data in real-time to Sociomantic. Now four times more website visitors could be recognized as existing customers (80%), and existing customers could be segmented based on their purchase history. The supplemental CRM data allowed not only for a far more granular bidding strategy, but also enabled Sociomantic to better customize ad creatives in real-time.

This strategy allowed BrandAlley to focus their RTB investments on new users and the most relevant existing customers, taking into account historical CRM data to help predict customer lifetime value and adjust bids and ad creatives accordingly.

Download the study below to find out more about how BrandAlley grew it’s retargeting ROI with real-time CRM segmentation.