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Where in the world is mobile retail advertising headed?

Sociomantic's latest infographic – The Mobile Globe

Call it a perfect storm – the proliferation of smart devices, the shift in how consumers research and buy products, and the mobile advertising ecosystem going programmatic. If you’re not reaching consumers with your ads on mobile then you’re missing out on an ever-increasing part of their lives, in both work and play.

The mobile ecosystem is a vast and dynamic place, and it’s hit a growth spurt. Find out how quickly mobile usage and mCommerce are spreading, and along with them, mobile advertising.

To help sort out fact from fiction, we’ve sleuthed some interesting stats to help clarify and quantify what’s happening in the world of mobile to help you quickly get educated on where it’s really headed. Download the infographic for United StatesEurope, or Asia Pacific.

At Sociomantic, mobile has been on our radar from the early days. And recently, we announced our Streaming CRM for Mobile product. Streaming CRM for Mobile moves mobile display advertising beyond downloads to boost mCommerce by reaching 100 percent of the available real-time biddable inventory with individually created, Flash-free HTML5 ads that work on any mobile device.