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Turning Big Data into a Big Time Opportunity for Travel Suppliers

Partnership allows travel suppliers to serve personalized ads in real time by leveraging their enterprise data

At Sociomantic Big Data is a big deal. And, anytime we can turn that Big Data into smart data to help marketers generate revenue, it’s a good thing. Today we’re proud to announce a strategic partnership with Revenue Management Systems, the leading provider of revenue management software for the airline industry. This partnership will enable travel suppliers to generate greater demand via digital advertising by tapping into the Big Data in their enterprise systems – inventory, loyalty, CRM and other customer data.

Airlines, OTAs, hotels and car rental companies will be able to use their data for sophisticated real-time digital advertising to more effectively monetize their inventory. Integrating revenue management and marketing closes the loop between an empty seat, a vacant hotel room, or an idle rental car and the customer for whom it’s the perfect fit.

From Managing Demand to Generating Demand

As a result of this partnership, data from RMS will be integrated into Sociomantic’s Streaming CRM platform. This will evolve revenue management from a system for managing inbound demand to one that will generate new demand and boost ancillary sales through personalized display ads delivered online, on mobile devices and on Facebook.

Here’s how EricNordling, COO of Revenue Management Systems, described the work we are doing together: “This is the biggest thing to happen to revenue management since origin and destination control. Synchronizing customer data and inventory information with digital marketing lets travel suppliers reach the right consumers in real time, with offers just right for who they are, their travel intent and their place in the purchase funnel. It’s a huge opportunity – and one that is not yet being taken advantage of. This changes everything.”

Jason Kelly, CEO of Sociomantic talked about the importance of tapping into Big Data by saying, “Unlocking the power of enterprise data and tying it together with marketing provides a first-class opportunity for travel suppliers to decrease distribution costs, boost incremental revenue and delight customers. Travelsuppliers need to use the information and systems they already have in place to communicate through digital media as effectively as they do through other channels – and turn eyes into buys.”

Meet us at these upcoming events to learn more about the partnership:

  • Sociomantic and RMS will be showcasing the partnership in booth #40 at the IATA World Passenger Symposium October 29-31 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Sociomantic was nominated for a Travel Innovation Summit “Best Global Travel Innovation” award and will be formally announcing its product at the PhoCusWright Conference, November 19-21 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

A press release with additional information on this partnership is available here >