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Sociomantic Wins Big for Travel Innovation

Travel Industry’s First Personalized Display Solution Brings Sociomantic Accolades in Two Categories at PhoCusWright Summit 2013

When travel advertisers have the chance to combine their audience, customer and revenue management data to create personalized online ads on-the-fly, they win big. That’s why we launched Streaming CRM for Travel, the industry’s first display advertising solution that gives travel marketers that opportunity, at the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit earlier this week. We are honored to have been named one of the Most Innovative Companies in Travel in the Business-to-Business and Established Company categories at last night’s awards ceremony. Congratulations and well done to all thirty companies who participated in this year’s competition — from the looks of this summit, it’s a very exciting time to be a travel marketer!

“The bar has been raised by the level of competition at this year’s Travel Innovation Summit,” said Jason Kelly, CEO of Sociomantic. “We’re honored to have received awards that highlight our commitment to helping travel marketers put their data to work to communicate with their customers and prospects on a more personalized level.”

Check out the Streaming CRM for Travel video we debuted at the show:

We believe that big data is a big opportunity, especially when it comes to the dozens of enterprise data systems used by travel suppliers. In the wake of our recent announcement of our strategic partnership with Revenue Management Systems, Sociomantic CEO Jason Kelly took the PhoCusWright stage to explain how Sociomantic helps airlines, hotels, and online travel agencies to reach individual travelers with offers personalized in real time.

Here’s what travel marketers are saying about how Streaming CRM can impact their businesses:

The bottom line: combining rich audience data with inventory management data will transform revenue management from a system for managing inbound demand to one for generating new demand and ancillary sales through personalized ads delivered online, on mobile devices and on Facebook. Streaming CRM for Travel offers marketers a more sophisticated approach to digital advertising and revenue management that closes the loop between an empty seat, hotel room or rental car and the eager travelers who want to fill them.

“Today’s travelers are empowered by their extensive use of digital devices,” said Ravi Simhambhatla, chief technology officer of Aer Lingus. “These connected consumers have greater control, but will always want more – more transparency, more choice, and more personalized service. Airlines need to recognize that they will have to work aggressively to adapt to this audience’s behaviors and earn their loyalty. To address this, we as an industry have to transition from being transport companies to being customer-driven retail commerce companies focused on customers. Travel suppliers who embrace ‘big data’ and bring their enterprise systems together to make their data actionable will be the ones that can effectively deliver the personalized purchase experiences consumers expect.”

“Travel organizations have some of the richest and deepest data imaginable,” said Kelly, who was previously a director of online distribution, sales and revenue management for Virgin Airlines. “Until now, their customer and inventory data sat in segregated silos. By bringing these data streams together, Streaming CRM for Travel gives travel marketers a powerful platform to provide personalized offers that can factor in broader business goals. It’s a win for travelers and for travel service providers.”

imageAnd, apparently, a win for us at Sociomantic, too. Thanks again to PhoCusWright attendees and judges for your support, and here’s to the bright future of online travel marketing.

Read the Streaming CRM for Travel press release.