OFFICE Case Study: Driving Incremental Sales with Dynamically Personalized Display Ads

Sociomantic helps online shoe retailer reach more new customers with the right ROI

This story first appeared in online marketing journal PerformanceIN.


Today, we’re pleased to recount a case study conducted with major UK shoe retailer OFFICE. The study reveals how Sociomantic’s personalized display ads delivered 94% additional revenue at a maintained marketing cost — amongst a few other results that made the customer smile.

As an innovative online retailer, OFFICE isn’t new to display advertising. OFFICE invited Sociomantic to deliver additional results within a five-week test period, during which Sociomantic’s campaigns would run alongside OFFICE’s existing performance display campaigns.

We accepted the challenge. Here’s what Rav Dhaliwal, Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager at OFFICE, had to say about the cooperation:

“Thanks to the use of market-leading programmatic technologies and a unique user-centric approach, Sociomantic was able to deliver 94% additional revenue on top of our current activity. 
“Sociomantic’s data-driven and selective targeting strategy resulted in a higher conversion rate than that of the incumbent and a significantly greater percentage of visits are from brand-new customers. I am very positive about the future development of the partnership and the possibilities for generating further incremental sales through deeper CRM integrations across desktop and mobile.”

As Dhaliwal described, OFFICE worked with Sociomantic to segment its customers into groups of new-to-site, existing and loyal customers, and to adjust investment and messaging strategies according to the goals associated with each group. Combined with Sociomantic’s product recommendation engine, which dynamically personalizes each display ad in milliseconds, OFFICE enjoyed more clicks and conversions from a wider range of happy customers than in existing campaigns.

More importantly for OFFICE, these results were produced at sustainable costs. This was made possible by proprietary real-time bidding technology that calculates the perfect price for each display ad impression, set according to OFFICE’s cost-per-action (eCPA) targets for each customer segment.

At present, we’re excited to see what other new heights we can reach with OFFICE using intelligent, data-driven programmatic display solutions.

Download the full OFFICE case study to learn more about the results and strategies used by OFFICE to achieve additional sales, higher conversion rates and more sales from new customers.