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Case Study: Merlin Cycles Gains Momentum with Programmatic Display

Online Bike Shop Grows Sales, Expands to New Markets with Personalised Display Advertising

We’re delighted to share the results of a recently published case study on Merlin Cycles, bike trade specialists. The study underscores how medium-sized operations, such as this thriving online bike shop, can benefit from Sociomantic’s smooth and straightforward solutions.

UK retailer Merlin Cycles is an online source for quality cycling equipment, bespoke mountain bikes, hand-built bikes and more. Here’s what Christ Naughton, eCommerce manager at Merlin Cycles, had to say about the cooperation:

“The flexibility and transparency of Sociomantic’s solutions prompted a subsequent expansion of the partnership into the US market, where we were able to access brand-new customers using personalised dynamic advertisements across high-visibility channels such as Facebook. Since launching our partnership, Sociomantic’s programmatic technology has brought Merlin Cycles gainful results at a low cost-of-sale.”


Programmatic Display for Merlin Cycles

Merlin Cycles wanted to reach new, frequent and dormant shoppers across the UK and in new markets — in this case, the U.S. At the same time, the bike retailer needed to maximise its marketing budget efficiency. Furthermore, the display advertising solution had to be compatible with Merlin Cycles’ unique technical infrastructure.

Merlin Cycles’ successful pairing with Sociomantic resulted in significant incremental volumes of post-click sales, effective exposure to a new American customer-base and impressive conversion rates on Facebook Exchange (FBX). On top of these results, Merlin benefited from Sociomantic’s easy implementation process — from integration and design through to getting the campaign live and operating in real-time — all the while, driving incremental revenue.

Download the full Case Study.