Sociomantic joins dunnhumby family

Partnership unlocks new levels of personalization to revolutionize digital advertising

sapphire_blogDigital advertising has always strived to achieve one simple goal – to get the right ad in front of the right consumer at exactly the right time. In this always-on world of the connected consumer, that seemingly simple quest takes serious technological horsepower. To do it poorly is simply annoying to consumers and inefficient for marketers. To do it well is as much art as it is science.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that through the acquisition of Sociomantic by dunnhumby we’ll be able to deliver on the promise of personalized one-to-one marketing at a global scale. This partnership will help bring smiles to the faces of more than 1 billion consumers around the world by delivering the right message to the right person based on the strength of our combined technologies, data and insights.

Digital advertising can now be the most personal, measurable and effective form of advertising available to marketers.  Combining in-store purchase insights and CRM program data with online ad serving and creative personalization provides a new level of precision that has never before been available to marketers. This new relationship isn’t just about the integration of technology. It’s about combining the strong cultural DNA of both companies and creating more for our customers. More efficiency. More personalization. More insights. More relevance. It’s really one of those “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” kind of partnerships. We are excited to bring the benefits of this innovative partnership to our loyal existing customers, with whom we will continue to work, and new customers alike.

So what does our industry think of putting together an offline customer science company with an online advertising technology company? Recent industry buzz seems to have very positive sentiment. You might have already read some of the trade press that talked about that sort of combined effort being “the most obvious example of a seismic shift that’s occurring in the shopper data space,” or it being described as “a brilliant move.” For us, it’s another step in our mission to make the web a better place for advertisers, publishers and consumers with personalized marketing at scale.

We’re excited about what this partnership means to the future of our company and the future of programmatic advertising.

You can learn more about the announcement and read the press release here.

For more on what this means for consumers, take a look at the blog post by dunnhumby CEO Simon Hay.

About dunnhumby:

dunnhumby is the world’s leading customer science company, helping companies fully understand their best customers and how to keep them coming back. dunnhumby employs more than 2,200 people throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Based in London, the company was founded in 1989 and is led by Chief Executive Simon Hay. The company is a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary of Tesco PLC., the world’s third largest retailer. dunnhumby has joint venture partnerships with retailers across the globe, including The Kroger Co. in the U.S., Metro in Canada, Gruppo Pam in Italy and Co-op in Norway. dunnhumby also includes social marketing and advocacy experts BzzAgent and merchandising analytics software company KSS Retail.