A Look Back: How Dafiti Grew Mother’s Day Sales with Personalized Programmatic Display

Brazil’s largest online fashion retailer, Dafiti, recorded a 50 percent increase in sales two weeks before Mother’s Day. As a leader in online selling and marketing, Dafiti has leveraged the benefits of programmatic buying and personalization since 2011.

Brazil’s second-busiest day for online shopping after Christmas is Mother’s Day, and this year the Market experienced an increase in sales of 2.9 percent, according to Experian Serasa Trade Activity indicator. For e-retailers, the increase in advertising expenditure only natural given the popularity of the holiday, and now big brands are turning their sites towards programmatic buying in order to make the most of those spends while focusing on creating positive customer experiences not only on-site, but across the web. One example is Brazil’s largest online fashion retailer, Dafiti, which increased sales by 50 percent in the two weeks leading up to the Brazilian Mother’s Day: a result 15 percent above expectations.

To help them better harness the potential ROI of major campaigns, Dafiti worked with Sociomantic to help buy more efficiently and better personalize advertising during this period.

“We have chosen to work with programmatic display since 2011, when we started our operations in Brazil. We believed in the potential of this type of media technology early on and, even then, we were one of the first companies in the market to embrace it.”

–  Gabriel Barbosa Porto, Dafiti’s Head of Marketing

According to Barbosa Porto and his team, investing programmatically has allowed for a wide reach of their ads dissemination across the web and in various channels, also ensuring the specific segmentation according to users’ interests.

Dafiti’s opinion was validated by Francisco Morales, Sociomantic’s MD for Latin America. “Investing via programmatic buying during such an important shopping as that leading up to Mother’s Day can help retailers attract the attention of a great number of undecided consumers by assiting in their purchase choice with a customized offering. This is marketing one-to-one at scale. In the case of Sociomantic, the display ads are completely oriented to the individual user’s preferences, and the consumer is not targeted with items already purchased. Thus, there is no chance of forgetting Mom on the day dedicated to her — deservedly so! – or a chance of giving a repeat gift,” said Morales.

The increase in Dafiti’s conversion rate can also be attributed to logistics and inventory strategy that the brand prepared for Mother’s Day.

“I attribute this growth to several factors, such as a broad portfolio of products. Besides strengthening footwear and apparel, we also had a wide variety of accessories and beauty items. Other strategic factors were the prompt delivery in the main Brazilian capitals, and promotional activities like the lottery of 40 thousand reals in Dafiti products,” said Barbosa Porto.