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Case Study: Travelplanet.pl Grows Sales With Programmatic and Streaming CRM

Leading Polish Travel Company Adopts Programmatic Technologies to Increase Sales

We’re thrilled to announce that Sociomantic’s Travelplanet.pl case study will be presented during the MIXX Conference organized by IAB Polska. The case study is one of just a few chosen for the marketing contest portion of the MIXX Awards.

To sell trips during the holidays is not surprising, but to sell travel deals during low tourist seasons is quite an accomplishment! Travelplanet.pl did just that by taking a data-driven approach to their online advertising strategy.

In order to strengthen its leadership position in the market, Travelplanet.pl has focused on offering custom vacation offers and effective distribution of those offers through online media. The company has also continuously searched for opportunities to minimize costs.

Since the first days of the partnership, Sociomantic helped Travelplanet.pl effectively reach their customers by leveraging advanced user segmentation and real-time bidding technology. Visitors that expressed interest in the Travelplanet offer were targeted with custom, dynamic banners with offers suited to their travel preferences.

Radosław Damasiewicz, Marketing Director at Travelplanet.pl, commented on the results of this partnership:

“In our industry, only companies that can reach customers with personalized, relevant offers will succeed. The combination of real-time bidding, user segmentation and dynamically created advertisements resulted in a significant increase in the amount of transactions on our site.”

Compared to performance in the same period a year ago, in the first quarter of 2014 Sociomantic delivered 190% more transactions for Travelplanet.pl. During this period, the average cost of customer acquisition by Sociomantic fell by 40% and the conversion rate increased by 54%. These metrics illustrate both the increased effectiveness in identifying and reaching potential customers as well as increased loyalty among existing customers of Travelplanet.pl.

(Speak Polish? You can learn more about Streaming CRM for Travel and hear a testimonial from Damasiewicz in our Polish-language video.)

We look forward to presenting the full results at the MIXX Conference in November! If you would like to connect at this event, then get in touch with our Warsaw team.