The Big Data Bang

Exploring the Evolution of Programmatic & What’s Next

As 2014 comes to a close, many marketers and digital media professionals are reflecting on the lessons learned and progress made in the last year. Here at Sociomantic, we wanted to go a step further and take a deeper look at how far we’ve come as an industry

The Big Data Bang infographic shows the path to programmatic, from the birth of the Internet to today. From the first banner advertisement prompting an invite with “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here?” to the very first swinging (pun intended) keyword ad, we’ve highlighted some major milestones across display, social, mobile, video and search advertising along the way.

Once the Internet reaches a billion users worldwide, the path to programmatic accelerates to 2009, the birth of real-time bidding. Since then, we’ve made huge strides in developing sophisticated, efficient tools to help brands achieve more personalized interactions with their customers across channels. Video, mobile, big data and everything in between — as an industry, we’ve continued to innovate to keep up with the always-on, connected customers of today.

As we look back on what we’ve accomplished, we’re even more excited about what lies ahead – in 2015 and beyond. Merging the offline and online experiences, wearable technologies and the “Internet of Things” are just a few trends we’re keeping our eye on. Take a look at the full infographic below or click here for the UK version, and stay tuned for next week when we fast-forward to the year ahead, exploring industry predictions from our leadership team across the globe.