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Case Study: Sole Society Drives Revenue and Loyalty with Programmatic Display

Advanced Segmentation Strategy Drives Sales for Leading e-Commerce Retailer

We’re excited to announce the results of a new case study with Sole Society, a leading e-commerce retailer of high-quality shoes, handbags and accessories. Over a four-month test period, Sole Society increased sales and conversions and decreased its cost-per-order with Sociomantic’s programmatic display solutions.

“Sociomantic’s advanced segmentation strategies enabled us to use our own customer data to better tailor our display investments and to personalize our communications with our customers and prospects,” said Enji Law, senior digital marketing manager at Sole Society. “By tailoring our investments to the potential value of each segment and treating each customer as an individual, we saw a dramatic increase in the overall efficiency of our programmatic display spend while continuing to scale. By going after the right customers, we were able to increase engagement which has helped us drive conversions and loyalty over time.”

Sociomantic’s technology allows retailers to use their valuable first-party data assets to inform their display advertising strategy in real time, with ads that are dynamically created for each ad impression won. Sociomantic’s proprietary real-time bidder, which analyzes user profiles against streams of shop, performance and yield data, calculates the best price for every impression while optimizing campaigns to cost-per-action goals. Today we’re lucky enough to provide these solutions and more to advertisers in more than 70 markets.

“It takes more than superior technology to succeed,” said JB Brokaw, Sociomantic’s North American president. “Having the right team in place to customize strategies, evaluate results and continuously optimize performance is critical to helping retailers put customers at the center of their digital strategies and drive long-term loyalty.”

We began working with Sole Society in 2013 and have since helped the company to expand its programmatic campaign portfolio.

“Over the last 15 months of cooperation, Sociomantic has continuously helped us to drive sales while creating a positive experience for our customers,” said Law. “The level of service delivered by the Sociomantic team and the performance delivered by its solutions make Sociomantic a valued partner.”

You can download the full case study here.