When Real-time Tech Inspires Art

Find out what Sociomantic looks like in sculpture and mural form

One year ago, in February 2014, we found ourselves in a very colorful position.  First, our Berlin office got decked out with a larger-than-life mural we commissioned by the artist Ray Noland; then, to our surprise, we discovered that our business had been interpreted as a sculpture by artist Simon Denny for his “Disruptive Berlin”exhibition, featuring pieces about several of Berlin’s fast-growing startups. In both cases, we felt proud of the culture that inspired these artists to create some really unique pieces. Read on to learn more.

Simon Denny – Disruptive Berlin

After we found out about the Sociomantic piece in Denny’s Disruptive Berlin exhibition, we invited him to our office to have a chat about his career, previous and future projects and what exactly happened to the Sociomantic sculpture after the exhibition.

Ray Noland – Sociomantic Mural

In the same month, we watched our office be transformed by the installation of this mural by street artist Ray Noland. Check out this time-lapse video to see the change for yourself.

Kudos to both artists for bringing our brand to life in new ways!