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Case Study: Partykungen.se Drives Revenues with Programmatic Display

Swedish E-tailer Grows Online Revenues at Sustainable Marketing Costs

Today we are pleased to share the results of a case study conducted with Partykungen.se, a growing Swedish retailer specializing in party accessories.

The goal for Partykungen.se was driving more sales from both new and existing customers while keeping the eCPO levels low. Therefore, it needed a solution that could leverage the company’s first-party data to segment customers in real-time, in order to reach both existing customers and new-to-site visitors with relevant personalized offers.

Partykungen.se leveraged solutions like dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and custom segmentation within a Full Funnel strategy to increase conversion rates while maintaining the desired eCPO levels within the six-month test period.

“Sociomantic’s technology gave us a clear advantage in terms of using our customer data in order to better tailor our display investments and to personalise our communications with our customers and prospects,” said Joel Svensson, founder of Partykungen.se, about the cooperation. 

“By tailoring our investments to the potential value of each user segment and treating each customer as an individual, we saw a dramatic increase in the overall efficiency of our programmatic display spend while continuing to scale. By going after the right customers, Partykungen.se was able to increase engagement which has helped us drive conversions and loyalty over time.”

Download the Partykungen.se Case Study to learn more about the full results.