Enhanced Performance Across the Full Funnel With Sociomantic Direct

Thousands of Programmatic Direct Deals Added to Sociomantic’s Publisher Portfolio, Enabling Access to Exclusive Publisher Inventory

The global programmatic market is expected to double in the next three years. This comes as no surprise given that industry-leading publishers and advertisers have now recognized that flexible pricing at the impression level, transparent and fully automated media buying, dynamic frequency capping and permanent access to global inventory, among other strengths, make programmatic buying indispensable.

Today’s most successful programmatic advertisers strive to work with a trusted partner to maximize returns across the entire purchase funnel. In order to improve targeting of users during every stage before and after conversion, we have globally rolled out Sociomantic Direct—an initiative that gives all our advertisers around the globe exclusive or preferred access to thousands of premium publishers through programmatic direct deals.

Over the last six months, we have sealed thousands of direct publisher agreements around the globe. Sociomantic clients running campaigns for the Full Funnel have seen significant improvements in overall performance thanks to the roll-out of Sociomantic Direct. The strength of branding effects of advertising placed on premium sites via Sociomantic Direct combined with the scale and performance delivered through Sociomantic Open (real-time bidding) enhances advertiser performance across the Full Funnel. Moreover, this combination enables clients to bid for the right user at the right time with the right creative on the right sites across multiple devices—as always, 100% programmatically.

We look forward to signing many more Sociomantic Direct deals in the future to help our clients reap the full benefits of programmatic buying.