Case Study: Zuji Hong Kong Drives Record Returns with Programmatic Display

Leading Hong Kong OTA Thrilled with Results of Personalized Advertising

Before January 2015, Zuji Hong Kong was experiencing stagnation in return on investment (ROI) from its performance marketing channels. In particular, display advertising was not measuring up to other performance channels like search engine marketing.

In an effort to boost sales with a high return on marketing investment, Zuji elected to use Sociomantic’s proprietary programmatic technology to run programmatic display advertising campaigns across web and social platforms, from January to June 2015.

The online travel booking industry ushered in a new era with programmatic advertising. The technology empowered online travel agencies (OTAs) like Zuji to serve ads specifically personalized to the destinations and travel dates that travelers have searched for on their booking sites. Zuji especially proved the value of programmatic display to OTAs by achieving an unprecedented 100 times return on media investment and 10 percent increase in upsell revenue with Sociomantic campaigns, among other results.

Charlie Wong, CEO of Zuji Hong Kong, commented, “Sociomantic helped Zuji achieve remarkable results in flight bookings, significantly outperforming other solutions that we have used. Sociomantic’s ability to target audiences with dynamic, personalized messaging has proven to be instrumental in propelling strong growth in performance and improving media efficiency for us.”

The exceptionally high ROI was the result of Sociomantic’s unique approach to reaching Zuji customers with relevant ads that met their needs. Zuji’s real-time CRM and website data was used at an unprecedented level of granularity to determine the bid price and creative for each ad impression.

In a matter of milliseconds, Sociomantic’s real-time bidder analysed the price elasticity of each traveler and bid for the respective ad impressions according to the travelers’ potential value to Zuji. At the same time, Sociomantic’s dynamic creative optimization (DCO) personalized each ad displayed according to the individual traveler’s interests in destinations and travel dates.

On the performance of Zuji’s programmatic display campaigns, Rohit Kumar, Managing Director APAC of Sociomantic Labs, said, “A ROI of 100x is way out of the norm. When we first saw the results, we were convinced there was a mistake! We scrambled to check with MEC and Zuji to see if their KPI metrics matched what we had; and now, I’m proud to say we achieved one of the most outstanding results any advertising campaign can have. Sociomantic is honoured to help Zuji improve its business tremendously.”

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