Mobile Momentum: Introducing In-App Marketing Suite & Real-time Reporting App

“AppKit” Enables In-App Personalized Display Campaigns for the Full Funnel

Today we are very excited to announce the release of two mobile advertising innovations: a suite of in-app advertising solutions enabled by our new AppKit technology, as well as our Stream reporting app that makes it possible for our clients to monitor their campaign results in real-time on iOS and Android devices.

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AppKit: Bringing Programmatic Personalization to In-App Marketing

The AppKit, our proprietary software development kit, enables our clients with their own mobile apps to execute programmatic display campaigns for four distinct objectives:

  • Driving app installations from brand-new users.
  • Driving engagement with users who have already installed their mobile apps.
  • Driving traffic from mobile websites to their apps.
  • Engaging with high-value segments of existing customers with personalized in-app advertising.

We’re proud that clients like Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile network operator, are also excited about the opportunities presented by the release of the AppKit.

“We want to create a holistic, connected marketing strategy that meets our customers with personalized communications, wherever they’re shopping—whether desktop, mobile web or in-app,” said Ilker Ergen, head of digital channels for Turkcell. “With Sociomantic, we have found a partner that can expand our successful desktop programmatic strategies across the full scope of mobile. We are particularly excited about the prospect of using our CRM data for in-app advertising to drive more personalized engagements with our customers. The release of the AppKit will help us to close the loop on cross-device personalization.”

The Stream Goes Mobile, With New App

At the same time, the release of Sociomantic Stream, our client-facing reporting app for iOS and Android, will make it possible for our clients to monitor results of all Sociomantic campaigns on their mobile devices. We’re proud to say that this app is the first of its kind available from any demand-side platform in the programmatic ecosystem.

When it comes to innovation, co-founder Thomas Nicolai said it best:

“We have believed in a vision of a radically changed online marketing landscape since we first started Sociomantic. Our main goal is to help advertisers to have more meaningful connections with their customers by enabling them to deliver the right message whenever and wherever their customers are on an addressable device. With the lauch of the AppKit and our new reporting apps, we are several steps closer to delivering on the promise of truly personalized marketing with unlimited scale.”

Going to be at dmexco this week? Then be sure to swing by Hall 7, Booth C061-063 to learn more about AppKit and to see a demo of the new Stream app.