Introducing the Supply Quality Index

Sociomantic Announces the Launch of Bidding Algorithm to Enforce Inventory Quality in Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Supply Quality Index, or SQX. SQX is a proprietary algorithm that enables Sociomantic to grade our programmatic inventory suppliers—ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs)—based on real-time analyses of three measures: transparency, performance and inventory quality.
Recent industry-wide concerns such as ad fraud, viewability and transparency motivated us to develop automated mechanisms to evaluate supply quality in order to increase campaign performance and brand safety for our advertising clients.

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We have conducted in-depth data analyses to derive patterns with regards to SSP quality. The observation of large fluctuations of three measures—transparency, performance and inventory quality—has led us to deploy SQX, an algorithm that weighs dozens of factors to dynamically assign a quality score to every SSP we work with. We factor that score into our bidding, so that we bid less for inventory from low-quality suppliers, and more for suppliers that meet our quality standards.

The following infographic explains in more detail each of the three measures.

Sociomantic's Supply Quality Index – Infographic

It is our hope that SQX will incentivize SSPs and ad exchanges to act ethically and re-think their business models, putting quality over easy profits. At the same time, publishers will gain an increased awareness about the quality of the exchanges they work with.

We at Sociomantic will continuously develop SQX in an effort to guarantee access to highest-quality inventory, to improve performance for advertisers and to promote a more transparent industry that will benefit publishers and advertisers alike.

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