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Case Study: AllSaints Converts Prospects into First-Time Buyers with Full-Funnel Programmatic Advertising

Global Fashion Retailer Boosts Acquisition and Conversions with Data-Driven Programmatic Display for the Full Funnel

AllSaints is as cutting edge with its digital marketing strategy as it is with its leather jackets. As such, the British brand is already well-acquainted with using programmatic to drive results in the lower-funnel, and thus started 2015 with an interest in exploring the use of programmatic buying further up the purchase funnel.

In March, AllSaints appointed Sociomantic Labs as its full-funnel programmatic display partner in the UK and the US. Sociomantic was tasked with driving user engagement, new client acquisition and existing customer loyalty; furthermore, Sociomantic was asked to provide insights on incrementality in order to demonstrate the value of an integrated full-funnel approach for display advertising.

In order to produce the desired actions from prospects and customers, and to help move users through the stages of the funnel from prospect to loyal customer, AllSaints and Sociomantic segmented users based on three stage-specific campaign strategies:

  1. Prospecting: driving engagement (clicks) from qualified, new-to-site users in order to increase AllSaints’ website traffic
  2. New Customer Acquisition: driving first-time conversions from website visitors who were not already existing customers
  3. Building Loyalty: identifying and re-engaging with existing customers who had purchased within three months, as well as reactivating customers who were dormant in the past three months, but had purchase in the three months prior to that.

We wanted to take our programmatic strategy a step further by covering the full length of the customer journey,” said Rav Dhaliwal, Global Head of Digital Marketing for AllSaints. “To demonstrate value with upper-funnel activity, we set Sociomantic Labs to the task with prospecting campaigns and measured success based on how engaged and qualified the new-to-site users were.”

Compared to site averages, Sociomantic’s prospecting campaigns showed to be highly effective in driving engagement with qualified new-to-site users to AllSaints’ online shop.

Since launching, Sociomantic’s prospecting campaigns referred the highest number of new-user display traffic to AllSaints sites in the UK and the US, 96.5 percent and 91 percent respectively,” Dhaliwal said of the campaigns.

Further down the purchase funnel, Sociomantic delivered equally impressive results. Over the first month of the US campaign, existing customers also exhibited much higher engagement rates than those arriving to the site via other channels. Meanwhile, recent customers (those who had purchased 0-3 months prior) showed an extremely high average of 14 pages-per-session, with a 23-minute average session duration.

Overall, in the six months since launch, the full-funnel approach yielded:

  • Increase in post-click sales of 494% in the UK and 366% in the US
  • A fall in the eCPA of 63% in the UK and 29% in the US
  • An increase in the ROI of 150% in the UK and 20% in the US

Further down the funnel, Sociomantic’s data-driven approach delivered higher engagement rates from existing and recent customers,” Rav continued. “Through deep integrations with our own first-party data sources, we now can micro-target customers based on numerous signals of user intent and propensity—the envy of many other brands’ display marketing programs.”

Download the case study for a deep dive on the approach, results and analysis of AllSaint’s full-funnel programmatic success story.