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Case Study: Flygresor.se Converts Travel Shoppers into Loyal Searchers

Nordic’s leading metasearch engine for flights drives conversions with programmatic display

As the market-leading flight comparison site in Sweden and the rest of the Nordics, Flygresor.se has had to ensure business growth at high-speed in an increasingly competitive space within the travel segment.

To help alleviate the challenges that go hand-in-hand with tough competition, the site wanted to generate new leads at a given target cost-per-lead, as well as bring back travel customers who may have left the website after their initial flight searches. For these objectives, Flygresor.se pursued a customer-centric strategy via programmatic buying and messaging.

By utilizing Sociomantic’s stream technology for programmatic display, Flygresor.se was able to run campaigns with positive ROI from day one, delivering stronger conversion than any of Flygresor.se’s other display partners.

“Sociomantic has delivered a 59 percent better conversion rate than any other display company Flygresor.se has ever worked with, and this is a sjuhelsikes [hell of a] conversion lift,” described Kristoffer Rengfors, CMO for Flygresor.se.

Sociomantic’s data-driven programmatic solutions allowed Flygresor.se to 1) find its most valuable travel customers at the best price per impression, and 2) serve them banners with dynamically personalized travel recommendations, based on the same data analyzed by the real-time bidder winning that very impression.

Doing so drove conversions, increasing Flygresor.se’s revenues at sustainable marketing costs.

“The dynamic banner solutions made Sociomatic a very efficient partner in growing the business of Flygresor.se,” Rengfores said. “Additionally, Sociomatic’s streaming technology combined with great account management and consulting support resulted in an effective and intelligent campaign optimization.”

For would-be travellers, the world is their oyster as Flygresor.se displays the best deals to any destination. And since offers in the travel segment change frequently, Sociomantic constantly updated the campaign using streaming technology instead of a delayed data feed. This ensured that those planning their travels were always served with the latest prices and availabilities, relevant to their desired routes and intended dates.

Want to learn more about how Flygresor.se achieved a sjuhelsikes* conversion lift? Download the full case study.