The Drum’s Digital Editor Weighs in on Innovations like SQX

Ronan Shields discusses an industry-wide desire to improve trust and transparency

In 2015, the importance of transparency and ethical trading really came to the fore—a response to concerns such as ad viewability, ad fraud and other quality questions plaguing the industry.

When we announced the launch of the Supply Quality Index, or SQX, to help battle these industry-wide concerns, we also spoke to The Drum, a UK news outlet covering the latest in marketing, advertising and digital.

Ronan Shields, digital editor for The Drum, said that from buy-side to tech enablers and media owners, there is a universal desire to achieve the efficiencies promised by ad tech.

“But with that, there are also issues around the quality of the inventory available from such sources,” he acknowledged. “Any kind of tool that is available, such as SQX, that can improve trust and transparency, and make sure that media owners and media buyers are able to trade off the same metrics and they know what they’re getting—that’s undoubtedly a good thing.”

In 2016, we’ll continue in our commitment to promoting ethical practices in programmatic advertising, for our clients and for the industry, as the adoption of automated media trading accelerates.