Case Study: FashionValet Increases New Customer Traffic, Visitor Engagement and Sales with Full-Funnel Strategy

Integrated strategy helps e-retailer to boost the right results

FashionValet is an e-commerce startup from Malaysia that caters to South East Asia’s tastes and preferences in fashion. Given its humble startup background—which means trying to make the most of a limited marketing budget—one of FashionValet’s challenges is to gain a strong foothold in a competitive region where competitors have more marketing funds.

FashionValet’s aim for its next stage of growth was to aggressively increase its brand presence and sales revenue in its home market, Malaysia, as well as to expand its reach in the markets of Singapore and Brunei. In rising to this challenge, Sociomantic’s Singapore services team assessed the e-tailer’s business goals and recommended a graduation of its display campaigns from lower-funnel-only retargeting to an integrated full-funnel strategy that included campaigns for prospecting, promotions, retargeting (also referred to as remarketing in this case study) and loyalty.

“We at FashionValet are truly impressed by Sociomantic’s top-notch service and what its programmatic advertising engine can achieve,” commented Veen Dee Tan, Head of Marketing at the company. “Our Sociomantic account managers have been great consultants to us—we trust them to advise on what’s best for our business. The results delivered by the campaigns reaffirm our decision to partner exclusively with Sociomantic for FashionValet’s display advertising. We really see Sociomantic as the best tech and service provider in this channel.”

The introduction of upper-funnel reach campaigns, in addition to lower-funnel retargeting and loyalty campaigns, led to some compelling results that demonstrate how interconnected upper- and lower-funnel campaigns really are. For example:

  1. When FashionValet decreased its reach budget by 47.4%, the retargeting campaign performance felt the consequences: total website sales fell by 72.3% and cost-per-order (CPO) jumped by 62.5%.
  2. On Sociomantic’s recommendation, FashionValet readjusted reach budget by a slight 9.7% increase. The improvement in retargeting performance was more than proportionate: total website sales increased by 41.1% and CPO fell by 20.1%.

By leveraging a single programmatic platform to drive personalized marketing across every stage purchase funnel, FashionValet’s was also able to improve performance in secondary metrics. In this case, FashionValet was able to increase customer engagement on its website and convert more prospects into customers:

  1. New visitors that arrived at FashionValet’s website from Sociomantic prospecting campaigns browsed twice the number of pages and stayed three times as long on the website compared to the industry average.
  2. Qualified prospects from the upper-funnel campaigns had a conversion rate seven times above the usual.
  3. An always-switched-on prospecting campaign helped to stabilize the previously sporadic website traffic and sales. (Before that, FashionValet experienced periods of web traffic and sales were sluggish, with the occasional spikes during new collection launches or sales promotions.)

Fashion preferences are highly subjective and diverse, especially across markets in the SEA region. In working with Sociomantic, FashionValet was able to personalize each ad creative to the individual who would see it, helping to improve the customer experience across the web, which led to more on-site engagement and ultimately more sales.

To read the more details of FashionValet’s success, download the case study.