Partnership Development Manager DePaul Vaughn Promoted to Head of Publisher Development

Publisher Development aiming to create win-win deals for publisher and advertisers

Today we are happy to announce DePaul Vaughn’s promotion from partnership development manager to head of publisher development. In his new role, DePaul will lead a global team focused on engaging and building relationships with publishers to better serve advertisers’ needs.

Before joining Sociomantic, this baseball (Mets) and music (Jimi Hendrix!) fan worked at Quantcast on the publisher development team, and as a business development and strategy associate for Applico, a mobile consulting and app development firm. Prior to moving into the ad tech space, DePaul had his head buried in the law books working as a corporate attorney focused on mergers and acquisitions in the Big Apple. Though New York City has been his home on and off for the past seven years, the New Jersey native has trekked across parts of America studying at Howard University in DC and Penn Law before picking up an MBA at Yale School of Management.

Today, he’s an invaluable piece of the Sociomantic puzzle. “Early on in the interview process, I knew there was something special about Sociomantic,” he says. “While it may sound cliché, the people here are what really makes this place special. The company fosters a unique culture, which values innovation, entrepreneurialism and diversity.  It’s hard not to be excited everyday to come into work.

“DePaul’s achievements as partnership development manager in the US have been extraordinary,” adds Gavin Wilson, Sociomantic’s chief revenue officer. “In a relatively short time span, he has developed a large range of highly meaningful and sustainable partnerships. His diverse background only adds to his expertise—we’re excited to have him stepping up to lead our global publisher development efforts.”

DePaul maintains the same enthusiasm for the industry as a whole. Having been responsible for publisher relationships in North America and working with many of the largest publishers in the world, Sociomantic’s new Head of Publisher Development knows how to navigate changes in an industry that is constantly changing.

“We all have to stay abreast of the local as well as the global marketplace,” DePaul says. “The biggest challenge will be to understand and appreciate the dynamics present in uniquely different markets.”

And what does he anticipate will be his most challenging task within Sociomantic?

Given the global nature of the team, time zones will definitely be a challenge for internal meetings,” DePaul says with a laugh. But with utmost sincerity he adds, “While I’m excited to expand my role, I’m fortunate it entails collaborating with a diverse and incredibly talented group of peers.”

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