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Case Study: Posthaus Increases Sales and Gains New Visitors with Programmatic Advertising

Fashion e-tailer grows visitors base in highly competitive Brazilian market

As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the Brazilian market, Posthaus became a household name in part through its customer-centric approach to online advertising. The retailer—which offers more than 15,000 fashion products and accessories for kids, adults and plus sizes—approached Sociomantic with the objective of driving more new users to its website, in addition to gaining loyalty from existing customer through its display advertising.

The task itself was a challenge: in a moment of economic instability, and with so many competitors and a high level of e-commerce penetration in Brazil, achieving a sustainable and stable growth of new visitors demanded the right targeting and personalization strategies. By leveraging Sociomantic’s personalized marketing technologies powered by its own first-party data, Posthaus was able to achieve remarkable results.

From nearly the start of the campaign, Posthaus reached its campaign cost objective, and 80 percent of the traffic delivered was new-to-site visitors. Even more importantly, these new visitors delivered conversions, showing that the traffic was not just any new visitor, but individuals who profiles were well-suited to the retailer.

“We believe that the success of this campaign is the result of combining our efficient digital advertising system with Sociomantic’s tool, used not only to obtain new visitors but also to promote our offers and advantages” says Thiago Zutter, e-commerce Manager for Posthaus. “This way, we keep ourselves competitive and also attractive to new customers”.

The success was also thanks to Sociomantic’s ability to exclude existing customer’s from the campaign, focusing solely on bringing in new-to-site users.

“Even with the focus on prospecting, this campaign is even more successful because it brought more revenue and increased our last-click sales,” added Thiago.

To read the full results and learn more about Posthaus’ success, download the case study.