Mother’s Day: A Time to Give Back

How e-commerce helps us to say "thanks" to Mom


We may not all have an uncle in our lives, or a niece, or even a brother. There aren’t, in fact, many characteristics that all human beings share, in terms of family, life and origin.

But everyone has a mother, and celebrating mothers everywhere is one reason that Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year. On this day, we are reminded to say “thanks” to the women who gave us life, and many people around the world choose to do so with a gift. Thus, the flower markets bloom and sons and daughters head to the shops and online to find tokens of gratitude for Mom.

How We Buy

It’s never been this easier to shop for Mom than in our connected world. According to Bing Ads, about 60 percent of searches for Mother’s Day gifts happen on mobile phones, with women making almost two thirds (67 percent, to be exact) of the searches—after all, our mother has mother, too.

According to the Consumer Electronic Association, about 80 percent of women express interest in consumer electronic products, with 77 percent of them saying that they make their lives easier. The top five retail keywords used during the Mother’s Day period, however, are all very obvious and traditional: “Flowers/flower” takes the first place, and the four following places go to close variations—“flowers post,” “flowers delivered,” etc. So Mother’s Day is still, in many ways, quite traditional. It’s the shopping that’s been updated, not necessarily what’s being bought.

According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), in 2014 consumers spent nearly 20 billion dollars on Mother’s Day in the US alone, making it the third largest retail holiday in that market. That makes about 163 dollars planned spend per customer, which is perhaps in part because many are not just buying for their moms! According to the same study, only 64 percent of purchases are made for either mothers or stepmothers, with the rest being divided between gifts for wives, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, other relatives or friends. After all, we all have inspiring women in our lives.

E-commerce: The Way to Give

Let’s allow those numbers to sink in. 20 billion dollars spent just in the US. 60 percent of searches happening on mobile phones. According to the NRF, 27.3 percent of customers intend to buy something for their moms online. With these factors in mind, e-commerce businesses with mom-friendly gifts should consider how best to reach audiences on the hunt for the perfect thank-you token—especially on mobile.

According to Internet Retailer, 25 percent of searches during Mother’s Day season in 2015 included brand names, and half of the top ten searches are for specific brands–which means that a lot of customers will already have in mind exactly what they want, and how. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a chance to get involved in the giving, by meeting shoppers with personalized and tailored recommendations delivered through dynamic display advertising on their shopping screen of choice.

One way to accomplish this is through programmatic advertising. Through a programmatic buying platform (a.k.a. “demand-side platform,” or DSP), you can run targeted promotional campaigns to reach the ideal customers across desktop, mobile and in-app environments. Programmatically optimized banners can help to display real-time best-sellers from categories that are typical for the holiday.

As shopping holidays go, this one is focused on giving. By getting your message to the right audiences through targeted advertising, you can help create that moment of delight for Mom.

And with that, we at Sociomantic would like to say congratulations and well-done to all the wonderful moms on our team, and thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who have made us who we are today.