Case Study: Bukalapak Activates App Installers With Award-Winning Solution

Indonesian online marketplace turns dormant installs into engaged customers with in-app personalized advertising

Bukalapak is an Indonesian online marketplace where local users can buy from and sell to each other. Its proprietary Android app is its main channel of commerce, and in just one year since its launch, the Bukalapak Android app became the top shopping app in Indonesia.

Yet, Bukalapak found that half of those who installed its app were not actively using it. As such, they needed a cost-effective solution to bridge the gap between the high number of app installs and the low number of monthly active users (MAUs) urgently.

Bukalapak approached Sociomantic with its app-based business challenge, and was answered with Sociomantic’s proprietary in-app marketing suite AppKit which delivered results that exceeded Bukalapak’s expectations, and which ultimately led to the winning of Silver for the categories of Best Use of Consumer Insights / Data Analytics and Best Use of Mobile at the Loyalty & Engagement Awards.

“Sociomantic’s in-app advertising campaign has made a significant positive impact on the sales volume in our mobile app. It was also easy and quick for our mobile team to integrate Sociomantic’s AppKit software development kit into our app” says Irena Nova Kusumandini, Mobile Ads and Programmatic Media Manager, Bukalapak. “The campaigns have proven to be invaluable in helping us convert idle users back into app shoppers, effectively increasing our number of monthly active users. I’d like to congratulate Sociomantic on this successful product innovation.”

Part of the AppKit suite is the Re-engage solution, is designed to engage idle users who installed the app but didn’t use it—in Bukalapak’s case, it was to find idle users when they are using other apps and bring them back to Bukalapak’s Android app to browse, put an item up for sale, or complete a sale transaction.

2LEA_SilverFrom September 2015, the Re-engage solution leveraged Sociomantic’s proprietary real-time media buying platform and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) capabilities to create personalized HTML5 in-app display banners showing Bukalapak users’ last browsed products or category best sellers, and serving each impression to individual users at an optimal price. The quality of user engagement was further ensured as Sociomantic was a preferred partner of premium app inventories, allowing Bukalapak to gain ‘first-look’ access to reach its highest-quality users before other advertisers.

All in all, the number of MAUs, screen views, and in-app sales showed a significant uplift with March 2016 having the best performance:

  1. + 71.3 per cent in MAUs
  2. + 102.6 per cent in screen views
  3. + 268.0 per cent in in-app sales

To read the full results and learn more about Bukalapak’s app success, download the case study.