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Case Study: Leading Lifestyle Brand Drives 82% Increase in Conversion Rate During Holiday Season

Against competitive odds, smart data leads to great results for this brand

The end-of-year shopping season: when business—and competition—blooms, and ads can make the difference between a buy on your site, or someone else’s.

Needless to say, this period is full of a lot of advertising noise. It was with this in mind that a global lifestyle brand approached its digital marketing agency, PMG, to help drive quality traffic to it’s website during this most competitive time of the year. PMG and Sociomantic have worked together on several successful campaigns, and so the agency asked Sociomantic to help reach the brand’s aggressive goals through programmatic personalized advertising.

“The holidays are notoriously competitive for advertisers. Even top-tier retailers have unique challenges to overcome in order to get noticed and meet their goals,” says David Gong, Director of Strategic Accounts at PMG. “From past campaigns for other retail clients, we saw Sociomantic consistently meeting the various and challenging goals we threw at them, and that lined up well with the needs of this lifestyle brand.”

By using Sociomantic’s proprietary technologies, the brand could analyze real-time user behaviors alongside media performance data. This data informed the brand about which people are most likely to convert and where they can be reached across the web, and then calculated the perfect bid prices to purchase impressions in the right places, at the perfect moments.

Moreover, Sociomantic’s User-Level Frequency Cap solution enabled the brand to define a maximum number of ads shown to a given user for a certain time period, ensuring that each consumer would receive a “just right” exposure of banner ads, rather than getting burnt out by overexposure.

The results? The brand’s click-through rate doubled compared to similar campaigns from the previous year, and conversion rates from Sociomantic campaigns were twice as high as those delivered by other display partners during the campaign period, with a whopping 82 percent increase.

To read the full results about this leading brand’s success, download the case study.