Introducing The Glass Box Approach

Offering marketers a deeper understanding of our platform through a transparent approach to optimization

If you’ve been to a digital marketing conference anytime in the last six years, you know that programmatic marketing has never been simple. Even in the early days, when real-time bidding first revolutionized the way we buy and sell digital display, you couldn’t manage to talk about this new media trading methodology without stringing together a set of near-indecipherable ad-tech mumbo jumbo. (For those who still feel lost—which is most of us—check out the Programmatic Jargon Buster.)

As marketers, we love the benefits that programmatic technologies have brought to the table—more granular targeting, more efficient budget allocation, real-time adaptability, first-party data advantages, and most importantly the ability to reach our customers and prospects in more personalized ways, so that we can surprise and delight them with media that moves at the speed of life.

Still, even as data and machine-learning have made it possible for us to reach people at an individual level, we’ve also had to learn our way through a maze of new technologies, and as each of these technologies and the relationships between them grow ever more complex, it can be difficult to stay on top of how all of these pieces work together to create value for our businesses.

Deeper Partnerships Through Shared Learning, Testing and Insights

Today, when more than two thirds of digital display spending in the US is programmatic, and most people you meet at a trade show like dmexco are at least familiar with the term, it’s safe to say that programmatic has reached critical mass. It’s the standard for how we buy, sell and personalize display media today.

And now, marketers like us are demanding more knowledge of the programmatic tools that we use to reach the people we want to reach. Technology alone is no longer enough. We want to understand the technologies we use, so that we can maximize the value we get from them.

That’s why Sociomantic has unveiled the targeting options of our personalized advertising platform to our clients—a “Glass Box” approach to ad technology partnership. We want to give the marketers we work with a deeper understanding of the features that enable them to create value, and to more closely partner with them in setting strategies that drive sustainable business growth.

And the best part about the Glass Box approach? Marketers seem to be as excited about it as we are.

Aubrie LaMar, national director of display at digital performance marketing agency iProspect, has been working in programmatic “since the beginning,” and says she’s excited about the deeper understanding that iProspect hopes to gain through the Glass Box approach.

“There are several reasons why we’re excited about the move towards Glass Box,” said LaMar, “the first being the greater insight into what’s happening in the Sociomantic platform—better understanding the levers they’re pulling on a daily basis to make sure that we’re reaching the most relevant customers at the right time with the right message for our clients.

Are you an e-commerce advertiser or brand interested in personalized advertising with a Glass Box approach? Email us to find out more.