Another Important Election: Vote on Conference Content for E-commerce Berlin

Elect the content you want to see in February 2017!

With over 3000 visitors and 90 exhibitors, E-commerce Berlin Expo is quickly becoming one of the premier e-commerce events for Central & Eastern Europe.

We’re excited to attend this year, but we are even more excited about the chance to share unique insights and best practice from Sociomantic’s clients and partners in the last year. That’s why we need YOUR VOTE to help put us on stage for this year’s event.

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Wild West of App Marketing, and Five Tips for Success

In 2016, there will be more than 2 billion smartphones in the world, with consumers spending up to 90 percent of mobile time in apps rather than browsers. Still, app marketing is mostly untamed, uncharted & unstandardized — the Wild West of online marketing! So what can marketers do to get apps installed on smartphones, and then to keep users coming back? We will teach you FIVE clear strategies for successful app marketing, alongside a case study of how one pioneering advertiser found marketing glory.

Online? Offline? F* the Line and Focus on the customer!

It’s time for marketers to forget the lines between channels & devices, and focus on the customer. Consumers browse, shop or read across channels without noticing any differences, which brings us to the marketer’s challenge: to combine all data to better understand the individual in order to know when, how and how often a relevant marketing message should be delivered. The goal? To create a seamless conversation that is perfectly tailored to each person. The key? Data-driven personalization.

If learning about app marketing or omnichannel personalization sounds good to you, then follow the links, vote, and be quick: voting ends on October 31!