The 10 Most Powerful Quotes from DMH2016 Warsaw Edition

Key take-aways from the fourth edition of Sociomantic's conference dedicated to the power of personalization


Our brains are still processing what we’ve heard at the Digital Marketing Heroes conference, which took place on September 22, 2016, in its birthplace of Warsaw. The event gathered more than 130 digital heroes, who met in the clouds of Warsaw’s club Niebo (translation: heaven) to discuss the hottest topics in the industry — personalization, customer loyalty, mobile and in-app advertising, to name a few. A jam-packed agenda included contributions from the brightest minds of the marketing industry, reps of PAYBACK, Uber, Allegro Group, OpenX, Samsung Electronics Poland, BlaBlaCar, NC+, Naspers Classifieds and more.

While our heroes were sharing their super-powers, we took notes to collect some of the greats industry learnings from that day.

Here are the 10 most powerful quotes we captured at DMH2016.

Jaro Bieniecki, CEO & Founder of Runnmagedon: “Purpose comes from the inspiration. To build the purpose you need to be attentive and open-minded”.

Magda Wysocka, Head of Ad Revenue Poland, Naspers Classifieds: “Democracy should serve the whole industry, but business does not work that way.”

Alexander Reinhold, Head of Solutions at Sociomantic Labs: “If you compare programmatic to the night club, you are either in the mainfloor and drinking great but cheap beer — that’s the open auction. Or you’re in a VIP room with crafted Belgium beer that you’ve secured for a very special price — that’s a PMP.”

Radek Górka, Head of Performance of Allegro Group: “There was only one motivation which led us to invest in mobile: fear.”

Paweł Ostrowski, Director of Digital Projects & E-Commerce at NC+: “To build loyalty you need to answer customers needs, be transparent and engage.”

Sarah Joy Lynch, Global Marketing Director, Sociomantic Labs: “Don’t leave retention to chance. Some apps, like messaging and games, have natural retention rate build in, but e-commerce marketers need to work on it a lot.”

Marcin Drzewiecki, Marketing Director at PAYBACK: “Why did we decide to build an app? We thought we finally need to get onto this fast-moving train.”

Chris James, CEE MEA Market Director, Microsoft Supply Evangelism Team (MSET), AppNexus: “You need to think of your ad server as the brain and nervous system that drives your publisher monetisation strategy.”

Alexander Reinhold, Head of Solutions, Sociomantic Labs: “Header bidding is a hack of a programmatic ecosystem dominated by Google.”

Paweł Ostrowski, Director of Digital Projects & E-Commerce, NC+: “Why nowadays do companies so often use possessive adjectives to describe their products? Because we trust only those we know, and we know ourselves best.”

DMH2016 was the fourth edition of Sociomantic’s very own conference. Oustanding speakers and panelists quoted above were not the only thing on offer at #DMH2016. The stage of the event was also graced by music heroes Sonar and dj Buszkers from U Know Me Records, while the conference itself was led by popular vloger Radek Kotarski from Polimaty and sponsored by Allegro and OpenX.

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Thank you to all our speakers and guests.

See you next year!