The Ultimate Media Machine

The future of media means using technology to reach audiences in more personalized ways

It’s the age of noise. Every time we turn on our PC’s, tablets or smartphones, we’re bombarded by suggestions of what we should do next. With so many ways to shop and even more ways to reach customers online, the customer journey is more fragmented and less linear than ever before. That means the task of reaching the right people with the right message at the perfect instant is getting harder every day.

So how can advertisers cut through the noise to reach the right people, wherever they are? The perfect combination of personal expertise and the right technology can help—aka, The Ultimate Media Machine!

The Right Investment Approach For Each Audience

The days of spray-and-pray advertising should be long behind us, so why is the web still littered with irrelevant ads?

After all, even at the most basic level, your audience can be broken down into many distinct segments, for example:

  • Prospects,
  • Website visitors,
  • Lapsed Buyers,
  • Loyal customers.

Since your loyal customers are already in the habit of purchasing from you on a regular basis, your marketing investment to reach those customers should look different than the strategy to reach the prospects who have never bought from you before. Your media machines of choice of course should give you the capability to reach each group—and even each individual—with a tailored investment strategy that matches your relationship with the people addressed.

The Right Ad Timing & Placement

It’s not just about what you spend. It’s also about getting the timing and placement just right. These days, one of the biggest skills the modern marketer needs to have is to know when to not advertise—that fine balance that isn’t always achieved in our last-click-obsessed industry (which may be the reason that ad blockers are on the rise).

That’s why it’s so important to know your audience, so you know where, when and how often to reach each segment—whether on mobile web, in-app or anywhere online.

How? Through hyper-segmentation and continuous optimization, based on your goals and a close partnership with your media machines and partners of choice.

The wrong ad—or even the right one shown too many times—can have a negative impact for your brand. But when your data are allied with the ultimate media machine, it’s possible to get that placement and timing “just right” to create delight rather than annoyance, and to ultimately drive sales.

The Right Message 

Not all customers are created equal—they’re individuals, just like you. Which means that they’ll respond better to messages and offers that are helpful and relevant to their lives.

With the ultimate media machine, you can leverage the power of dynamically, personalized creative—creating ads in mere milliseconds that are as individual as each person who sees them.

Let’s look at…well, me for example. Winter’s coming up, and a Lisboan like me might need some sun during the freezing Berlin winter! I’ve spent a few recent lunch breaks browsing some Caribbean destinations on a last-minute-travel app on my phone, and recently I’ve seen some very tempting recommendations for similar trips that are closer, and cheaper, too!

It’s all about creating a moment of delight (“Canary islands for $150 round trip?!”) that leads to action and even advocacy (“At that rate, maybe Marta and Luca will want to join!”).

If that’s not an ultimate media machine in action, I don’t know what is!

The Right Data

ULTIMATEly, as marketers we also know that every ultimate media machine is only as good as the data that goes into it.

If “Content is king,” was the mantra of the naughties, then “Know thy customer” might be the commandment for this decade. By knowing and understanding your existing customers, you can also get a better understanding of what kinds of new customers you might want to acquire, and how best to reach them. Customer relationship management data, or CRM, are the way to reach existing clients across the entire purchase funnel, how and when they’d like to be reached.

It was Bryan Eisenberg who said that, “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so,” and he was right. Smart data—rather than big (messy) data—is the fuel to power the ultimate media machines of today that will drive the lasting customer relationships that begin tomorrow.

The Perfect Combination of Components

When the right components are powered by the right data, then the last missing ingredient for marketing glory is the right people—because machines and data only work as well as the people who put them together and make them better every day.

That’s why we believe in the Glass Box approach to programmatic partnership, one in which marketers get full transparency into the targeting options used to optimize their campaigns, allowing for a closer cooperation and deeper understanding of the technologies that help them to create value.

The tools are out there (in fact, we’ve got a few), and with the right data and experienced machine operators, you too can level the ultimate media machine to build lasting customer relationships through personalized media.