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Case Study: Brazil’s CVC Boosts Brand Awareness and New Visitors Through Co-Marketing Campaigns

Largest travel agency in the Americas boosts destination bookings through dedicated prospecting campaigns

In  the travel world, it’s common to see campaigns that advertise specific travel destinations. These co-branded campaigns aim to drive qualified traffic and generate brand awareness for the travel agencies, as well as to the promoted destinations.

To promote Aruba, Las Vegas, Lisbon and Barbados, Brazil’s CVC — the largest travel agency in the Americas — created special landing pages for each specific destination, and then leveraged Sociomantic’s Smart Reach co-marketing campaign to reach conversion-likely prospects.

“Programmatic display allows us not only to prospect new users more assertively, but also to reach clients that had already been on our website. In this way, we combine the power of our online brand and our brick-and-mortar stores,” said Alípio Camanzano, Online Channel Director – CVC Group.

Each campaign was live for a one-month period. In that time, CVC was able to:

  • Drive more than 10,000 brand-new users to the co-marketed landing pages;
  • Achieve 80% average rate of new visitor sessions;
  • Generate 129 post-click sales, before counting any offline or phone sales.

In summer 2016, this success story spread to the entire Latin American region when CVC and Sociomantic won two categories of the PortadaLat Awards: Top Travel Marketing Campaign and Grand Winner.

Want to know which strategies were used in this award-winning campaign?
Download the case study.