Case Study: Global Hotel Portfolio Drives 30% Click-Based Bookings Across Mobile and Tablet Campaigns

Multinational hotel leader sees mobile engagement boost and cost-per-booking drop in the U.S.

With a host of world-class hotels and resorts that cater to a wide range of discerning customers, this global hotel portfolio has solidified its place as a leading name in the hospitality industry.

And with an estimated 59.3 million U.S. adults booking travel from their mobile devices this year — over half of all Americans that will book travel online — it’s no surprise that this advertiser has shifted its focus towards mobile.

The hotel portfolio, which has previously partnered with Sociomantic Labs for retargeting and prospecting campaigns for the web, selected Sociomantic to be its sole display retargeting partner for mobile campaigns. Sociomantic was tasked with increasing traffic across both mobile phone and tablet devices during a four-week testing period, and driving incremental bookings at a 25% click-based booking rate and $30 cost-per-booking targets. It’s worth noting that no preceding retargeting partner had been able to meet this CPB goal.

The results were outstanding:

  • Mobile and tablet campaigns achieved a low CPB rate of $21, a 30% reduction in cost.
  • Both campaigns averaged a click-based booking rate of at least 30%, and as high as 43% at times.
  • The tablet campaign saw a greater percentage of click-based bookings and conversions even though its cost-per-booking was higher than the mobile campaign.

Due to the success during the testing period, the hotel portfolio has continued to run both campaigns with Sociomantic. Sociomantic also helped the advertiser implement a mobile app download campaign, which to this day has led high-value individuals to its app.

What was the strategy behind their success?  A combination of intelligent programmatic bidding, dynamic creative optimization, and universal frequency capping. To learn more, download the case study.