Sociomantic Partners with Ligatus to Boost Programmatic Native Reach

Another big step in the standardisation of native

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Ligatus, Europe’s number one native and performance network, in order to address soaring transnational demand from advertisers and publishers for programmatic native technology.

A subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr, Ligatus’ network spans nine European markets via programmatic. The Ligatus network consists of more than 1,200 hand selected editorial premium websites, generating about 31 billion ad impressions each month, providing premium audiences with high conversion potential. This partnership will support European advertisers looking to encourage a more effective dialogue with consumers amidst the rise of banner blindness and ad blockers.

“Ligatus is one of Europe’s most reputable and important programmatic native traffic sources.” says Alexander Reinhold, our Head of Solutions. “As programmatic native approaches its market tipping point, this sustainable partnership gives us a unique opportunity to buy even higher-quality impressions on premium publishers.”

Through this partnership. we continue to drive forward the standardisation of native advertising formats in our industry, providing both marketers and users with the best ads for the best business.

Read the press-release.