Case Study: 8 Million Impressions and 74% New Audience Share for Vivienne Sabo’s Lipstick Launch

How a French makeup brand launched its new lipstick line in Russsia

To promote its Matte Magnifique lipstick line to relevant online audiences in Russia, makeup brand Vivienne Sabo worked with their digital agency and our team in Moscow to create personalized advertising campaigns that would resonate with prospects and clients respectively.

“For Vivienne Sabo, we have been truly impressed with Sociomantic’s customer acquisition capabilities,” said Stanislav Chmykhalo, Digital Media Group Head of Starlink Russia, Vivaki, the digital agency representing Vivienne Sabo in Russia. “Using Sociomantic’s intelligent platform, we are able to reach new audiences and drive user engagement. By continuously monitoring our campaigns and optimizing to increase our performance, Sociomantic surpassed each of the goals we set for them. We plan to work with them more as the capabilities of the platform align with our high standards.”

To find the perfect audience for this promotion, the campaign targeted people who had visited the website, along with those that have similar behavioral patterns online. The creative for this campaign combined personalized dynamic product displays with a promotional overlay for the new lipstick line.

Thanks to programmatic buying through our real-time bidding engine, Vivienne Sabo could assess the value of each ad impression in millisecond, and deliver individually personalized dynamic banners to each user. Frequency capping also played a big role, to ensure that no user was overexposed to the banners during the course of the campaign.

The results? Over 8 million ad impressions, an average CTR of 0.12%, and 74% of traffic from the campaign was new audience. Download the case study to learn how.