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Infographic: Loyalty – Then and Now

Advertisers' efforts to increase customer loyalty have taken many different shapes and sizes through the years

When it comes to delighting and earning the love of our customers, we all really need one thing: loyalty.

So what makes customers loyal to certain companies? Well, for 83%, it’s trust. For 86%, it’s likability. Which means that it’s often up to marketers to help keep customers coming back! In an age where the customer journey is more complex than ever, reaching a potential customer by itself can be a hard task, but actually converting prospects to customers, and then keeping them coming back? That might be the Holy Grail of advertising.

Throughout the decades, companies from many different verticals have come up with unique and interesting solutions to reward their best customers and foster long-lasting, win-win relationships with them. So let’s have a look at the past and present of loyalty initiatives, in hopes that we can learn from this rich history of customer rewards.