Altogether Better Banners

Four Tips to Make the Most of Your Programmatic Creative

When I talk about programmatic advertising, the first words that come to mind are: data, auction and budget optimization. Like me, many forget about real-time automation technologies that can also be used to personalize the display advertising banners themselves. If step one is programmatic buying, the second step is programmatic creative.

There are a few reasons why programmatic banners can be more assertive than traditional online media creative. For example, they are crafted based on the user’s interests, with personalized messages or special offers. They can also be used in all stages of the customer journey to purchase, showcasing anything from e-shop category best-sellers and recommended products or services, to products or service that are complementary to those already purchased.

Looking to improve your digital display creative in the new year? Here are four tips to help you out.

 1.  Go multidevice. Flash is so over! Make sure your creatives are screen-agnostic by using HTML5 ads instead of proprietary technologies like Flash. Customers today expect perfect optimization for mobile web and in-app.

2.  Take tabs on your firstparty data. Those data can help you create more relevant messages. Then put them to work! You already have so much information you need to engage your existing customers in more personalized ways. Analyze your CRM data to understand what each customer wants and customize the ads according to their wishes, rather than spamming all website traffic — including existing customer and new users — with the same creative.

3.  Avoid over-exposure. Watch out! Creating attractive banners with the right recommendation and displaying them to people at the right time may be worthless if the page is populated by numerous versions of the same banner. That can make a person feel haunted by your brand or lost in the midst of so much information. Fine tune your frequency capping and set the number of banners to appear on each page based on your campaign goals. Quantity is not quality.

4.  Use your programmatic media partner as an advisor. Yes! Tap the experts, your greatest allies to identify all possible enhancements that can be made to your creatives to increase engagement and conversion rates. Perhaps change the banner style, the background color, the call-to-action button, or apply advanced logics such as product priority scoring or industry-specific optimization algorithms. Work with your partners to perform A/B tests to understand which creative elements work best for your campaign goals.

In studies we’ve conducted with travel clients, we’ve seen a click-through-rate (CTR) increase of up to 10% just by changing the call-to-action button’s color from green to orange. In addition, with customers in the fashion industry, we matched the product images to be the same size and the CTR tripled.

Programmatic media clearly doesn’t kill creativity. Instead it has leveraged the power of creativity to impact users in more relevant ways. So don’t forget these tips, so you can use data intelligence and programmatic advertising to improve your results — with a lot more creativity.