Case Study: How Belambra Grabbed 98% More Sales With Segmentation Based on Booking Curves

France’s top resort chain sees increase in conversion rates and bookings with data-driven strategy

For a hotel or resort, anything less than a full occupancy is money left on the table. Belambra, France’s number one hotels and resorts chain, sought to increase its guest occupancy, and asked Sociomantic to strategize the best way to do so through personalized advertising.

By tapping the advertiser’s valuable first-party booking data, Belambra and Sociomantic were able to create custom segments based on potential guests’ travel preferences, specifically how far in advance of their desired departure date they intended to book.

“In the tourism sector, data is essential for marketing campaigns. With Sociomantic’s technology, we have been able to utilize our booking data to customize smart programmatic display campaigns and target internet users at the right time with the right message,” said Lionel Lavayssiere, Director of Direct Sales CRM & E-Commerce at Belambra.

With this data-driven approach, the timing for ad placements could be determined based on when people were most likely to book. This way, Belambra was top of mind when users were in booking mode. Throughout the campaign, Belambra’s account managers continued to monitor the number of conversions for each segment, and adjusted the frequency capping algorithm for each segment – which decides how frequently ads are shown to users in a given time period – according to performance.

As a result, conversion rates and sales increased, and Belambra gave the green light for a new mobile campaign to be able to drive even more bookings across devices.

To see the full results, download the case study.