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Launching a Data Center in Shanghai

Helping brands bring personalized ads to Chinese consumers

We’re excited to announce the opening of our data center operations in Shanghai, making it possible for Sociomantic’s clients around the world — enterprise e-commerce advertiser in more than 70 countries — to use our Stream Platform to reach Chinese audiences with personalized advertising.

“Local data infrastructure essentially enables circumvention of the so-called Chinese firewall, which is crucial to the performance of programmatic campaigns that require data feedback in mere milliseconds,” explains Ivan Zhou, Managing Director Greater China, Sociomantic Labs.

For many foreign demand-side platforms (DSPs) in China, one of the greatest challenges is the inability to access data about online consumer behavior and quality ad tech platforms and inventories. Without a local data center in place, many foreign DSPs are restricted to using technologies offered by third-parties, rather than leveraging own technologies to help clients reach the relevant consumers.

With Sociomantic’s global footprint, Chinese advertisers will be able to reach the right people not only domestically, but anywhere in the world — an advantage of great importance as the Chinese government continues to support e-commerce companies looking to grow their businesses not only at home, but also abroad, through subsidies.

To learn more, read the full press release.