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Case Study: Polis Group Triples CTR With Personalized Ads

How a top Russian real estate developer boosted activity on its website


In general, people move from house to house or flat to flat pretty often, with the record belonging to Americans, who move up to 11.3 times in their lifetime. According to one piece of research, 80% of home buyers search online for new properties. Therefore, when it comes to real estate industry, the potential of online is huge, and our client Polis Group wanted to do a better job of tapping that potential.

For that, they turned to personalized display advertising, and approached Sociomantic with a three challenges: increase brand awareness among prospects, increase the number of qualified leads coming from their website, and enhance loyalty among existing customers at all stages of a real estate sales funnel.

To meet the client’s needs, we launched two types of programmatic advertising campaigns: Prospecting to continuously attract new website visitors, and Personalized Loyalty, to delight existing customers with special offers.

“The Sociomantic Team implemented a number of solutions unprecedented in the St. Petersburg real estate market and integrated seamlessly into our target audience communication program. This not only attracted new quality audience for us but also increased loyalty amongst our customers by showing them products they are interested in. As a result, we can move to a new level in our mission — to create a favorable environment for better life, success and prosperity of our customers. It is always a pleasure to work with such a great team of experts. We wish you every success and vigorous growth!” says Georgy Bykovsky, Head of Online Marketing at Polis Group.

The results? 95% more new sessions and a lowered cost of new customer conversion. Moreover, Sociomantic’s dynamically personalize banners helped Polis Group to achieve three times higher click-through rate (CTR) and 50% lower cost-per-lead.

To read the full results and learn more about Polis Group’ success, download the case study.