Lost in Translation: The Jargon Buster, 3rd Edition

Brush up on your mobile lingo to keep up in the programmatic conversation

ROI. First-party data. ARPU. Viewability. WAU.

Wow. What a bunch of jargon!

Okay, maybe you know the meanings of these terms, but if you don’t, don’t feel bad. In an industry that is constantly changing, staying on top of terminology in constant flux can be a challenge.

Even at the top of our programmatic game, we all find ourselves scratching our heads at some point. It seems new terms are created every week, and they leave the conversation almost as soon as they’ve entered it. (Header bidding, anyone?)

That’s why we created the Programmatic Jargon Buster, a collection of industry terms that can help you stay in the conversation and up to speed on all the new words that are constantly popping up.

2016 was truly the year that mobile took over, which is why, in this third edition, we’ve added the necessary jargon to make sure you can keep up when the conversation turns to events, dayN and DAU.

Download it now to brush up on your jargon.