This Valentine’s Day, Help the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Be a hero for your loved one(s) and help to prevent against women's worst enemy

If you have had this moment, you remember the sinking feeling in your stomach: your mum calls you to say that a family member has breast cancer. Her immediate recommendation? You should go to the doctor to get tested. As your mum is always right (believe us, she is), you call the doctor’s office to get an appointment. Predictably, the next free date is in six weeks, during work hours, and you already know that once you are there you’ll have to add another three hours waiting time. What to do?

You could easily stop this process after your mums call, and just not do anything. But what if she is right (as always!) and the visit to the doctor ends up preventing something worse?

Here at Sociomantic Labs, we’re on your mum’s side, because we think that prevention is an extremely important and essential part of the fight against breast cancer. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, we’re making it a point to remind the people we love — yes, both men and women— what they can do to prevent breast cancer.

So why is breast cancer prevention and early detection so important? Why do you need to get yourself and others checked?

The Facts

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women worldwide. According to WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund International), nearly 1.7 million women were affected by it in 2012. This represents about 12% of all new cancer cases and 25% of all cancers in women. But breast cancer is not only an issue for women  — it also affects men. So how can you prevent yourself from breast cancer – what can you do?

How to protect yourself against breast cancer

Breast cancer early detection methods have the goal to detect a malignant tumor in the breast in a very early stage, as the earlier breast cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better are the chances of recovery. There are different methods for different ages, either via ultrasonic examinations of the breast or a mammography. Of course, for women especially, it’s important to regularly check yourself, and immediately contact your doctor if you find something strange. But before early detection there is also prevention, to help reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy habits, such as limiting alcohol, not smoking, eating more healthy and staying physically active. Doesn’t sound that bad, eh? A few vegetables on the table, some fun sports with friends and checking your chest for irregularities — easy steps in a healthier lifestyle.

Journey for a Cure

We think that prevention is essential in the fight against breast cancer, which is why we partnered up with Pink Ribbon Deutschland, an organization that focuses on the big picture, heloing create awareness for breast cancer prevention and detection and supporting research for a cure. They are there for the families of patients when they need it, and help make sure less and less people have to go through the ordeal alone, or at all. That, for us, is what Valentine’s Day really means — to be there for your loved ones.

Our Valentine’s Hot Tip

So maybe this year, rather than chocolates,  you can think about booking yourself and your boyfriend or girlfriend that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off, and become a potential life saver. Who doesn’t like a superhero as a Valentine?

Are you in Germany? Then join our journey to a cure.