Sociomantic Labs Earns TAG’s Anti-Fraud Seal

Another step in the fight for transparency

We’re happy to announce that we’re one of the latest companies to receive TAG’s (The Trustworthy Accountability Group) “certified against fraud” seal through independent, third-party certification from BPA Worldwide’s iCompli division.

“Recent industry-wide concerns such as ad fraud, viewability and transparency had motivated us at Sociomantic to develop automated mechanisms to evaluate inventory quality in order to protect the brand safety of our advertising clients,” explains Alex Haardt, our Solutions Architect. “However, we fully acknowledge that issues such as ad fraud will not be solved by individual entities — a joint, industry-wide effort is necessary to ensure fraudsters are kept from abusing the complexities of media trading landscape. This is why cross-industry initiatives such as TAG are important, and participating companies need to do more than register their interests. Having compliant companies’ anti-fraud programs vetted independently upholds the group’s adherence to accountability. We chose BPA Worldwide to perform the independent certification because of its own commitment to transparency. Given the complexities associated with the MRA certification, BPA’s thorough and careful audit was handled in a timely, well-structured manner.”

A central program in TAG’s transparency initiative, the Certified Against Fraud program is designed to combat the negative impact of fraudulent online traffic. The program provides companies with Anti-Fraud Guidelines, as well as a suite of anti-fraud tools to aid in compliance. Some of these tools include the Payment ID Protocol, Data Center IP List, and the Domain Fraud Threat List.

“We congratulate Sociomantic for taking the additional steps of third-party assurance to these standards,” explained Richard Murphy, BPA’s Senior Vice President of Technology Assurance. “They are taking a leadership position by independently validating their compliance with TAG’s Anti-Fraud guidelines and should be applauded for helping to bring the digital marketplace another step toward full accountability.” As an approved certification provider to TAG’s Anti-Fraud program, BPA’s iCompli division verified that Sociomantic is in compliance with the Media Rating Council (MRC) Invalid Traffic Guidelines, as well as adoption of the TAG Payment ID Protocol which ensures that payments made in the digital advertising ecosystem are going to legitimate companies.

In pursuing this certification, we continue to commit ourselves to combatting ad fraud and bolstering up transparency within the industry and for our partners.