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Your Mid-December Holiday Check In

Data-fueled marketing recommendations for the busiest time of the year

The holiday season is in full swing, and for the first time ever, the majority of consumers in the U.S. plan to spend more online than in-store.  As you head into the home stretch of the holiday season, here are some insights from our North America internal analytics and data-fueled recommendations to help you finish the year strong.

CPM Levels
Leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we saw an increase in CPM levels (due to the competitive nature of the weekend). While CPM levels are actually increasing YoY during BFCM weekend, expect to see CPM rates drop during December to the levels that they were prior to the holidays.

Green Monday
Green Monday takes place on the last Monday of December at least 10 days before Christmas. Last year, Green Monday was the highest funded day of the month and saw a 40% higher spend than the average of all other days leading up to Christmas Eve.

Conversion Rates
Conversion rates continue to be strong and are the highest leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; last year, we saw a 11% average CR for the month.

Final Ship Dates & Click Sales Volume
Final ship dates vary by company but typically occur between December 18th – 21st. As a result, expect to see a high volume of click sales in the days leading up to these cut-off dates, as shoppers capitalize on the finals days to purchase before the holiday.

Gift Cards
Don’t lose momentum after your final ship dates! As an alternative, encourage gift card options in your dynamic creatives past your pre-holiday promotions.

Media Spend
While it may seem like a good tactic to spend all of your monthly budgets in the weeks leading up to Christmas, keep in mind that many advertisers are still funding their display efforts through the end of December, just at lower daily spend levels. We saw a 44% lower average daily spend level, so while you can plan to taper off your media spend, make sure to allocate some funds for post-Christmas as well.

Shannon Roulston is the Client Services Director for Sociomantic North America.