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Introducing: Our Buyer Personas Calendar

Showcasing individuality and personalization with programmatic

A year is made of only twelve months, but thousands (or millions!) of customer touchpoints – each one with a unique personality. With that in mind, this year we created our very own buyer personas calendar, showcasing a different persona for each month and season. Every year, retailers ask themselves: How will I find, identify and reach the right customer during Christmas? Or Halloween? Or Valentine’s Day? Our proprietary tech answers that by reaching anyone, anywhere, with ads as individual as they are. And with our in-house Creative Services team, we make sure your message is presented in the best way possible.

Whether they’re brand new to your site or are frequent shoppers, smart audience segmentation based on interests, categories and/or product IDs enable you to leave a lasting impression with your intended audience, with personalized ads. This data-driven strategy prompted us to ask our Creative Services team to take a break from creating custom banner designs to freely interpret 13 buyer personas — in them, perhaps you recognize some of your customers. Check out each month for a potential customer profile, along with reminders for upcoming events and global holidays to help inspire your marketing strategies this year.