Sociomantic Labs Renews TAG’s Anti-Fraud Seal

In our continuous fight to hold ourselves and the industry accountable

Last year, Sociomantic was awarded with TAG’s (Trustworthy Accountability Group) Certified Against Fraud seal through independent, third-party certification from BPA Worldwide’s iCompli division.

This year, our anti-fraud mechanisms were audited once more, and earned TAG’s seal recertification.

Alexander Haardt, our Head of Solutions, comments: “In order to conquer the still prevalent issue of ad fraud, all actors in the supply chain must closely collaborate. TAG’s Certified Against Fraud program provides a forum for a strong cooperation among all members of the industry. By joining TAG’s anti-fraud program, Sociomantic Labs is promoting the industry’s continuous innovation to combat ad fraud in all of its forms.”

Designed to combat the negative impact of fraudulent online traffic, the Certified Against Fraud program considers a suite of anti-fraud tools to aid in compliance, such as the Payment ID protocol. Payment ID marks inventory and creates a trail that can be traced back through the supply chain if ad fraud is discovered, thus ensuring that payments made in the digital advertising ecosystem are headed towards legitimate companies.

In adopting the Payment ID protocol, Sociomantic has qualified once more for TAG’s anti-fraud recertification alongside comScoreIntegral Ad Science, Moat and more.

Continuing to pursue this seal is one of the areas in which we continue to commit ourselves to combatting ad fraud and bolstering up transparency within the industry, and for our partners.

To know more, please read the official press release from TAG.