dunnhumby media: The Best Tech, The Best Media, The Best Data, Together

With the constant changes happening in the industry - from physical to digital, GDPR, and the media business rising more and more in both value and importance - not jumping on the media train would be foolish

After all, media is taking over the advertising business. Digital media ad spending worldwide will increase 7.4% to $628.63 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer, and will have taken over other means (such as, for example, TV) by 2021; while global media spending in general will grow steadily at more than 5.0% per year through 2022. The average person uses multiple channels throughout their customer journey – perhaps she browses products from her computer, heads to a store to try it on, and then completes the purchase from her mobile device once a sale starts. Having separate marketing plans for each media channel is no longer an effective strategy, which is why we’re excited to announce a new chapter together with our parent company dunnhumby called dunnhumby media. dunnhumby media offers complex in-store, online and at home media solutions to help retailers and brands build stronger, connected media plans.

What is dunnhumby media?

dunnhumby media combines Customer Data Science, media and technology capabilities to bring together offline and online customer experiences. We work with advertisers, retailers and agencies to deliver personalized media campaigns across media channels. After all, in this modern age, it’s essential to reach individuals wherever they are.

We help advertisers reach the right customers and drive engagement and loyalty with content that matters. Working with retailers’ first-party data and inventory, we build for them a powerful media business which creates a sustainable and profitable monetisation of their media and data assets. Basically, the dunnhumby model is a win-win-win for customers, retailers and advertisers.

Where Does Sociomantic Fit?

Our approach to media services starts with personalization. Since Sociomantic was acquired by dunnhumby – the global leader in Customer Data Science – our Customer First approach became stronger than ever. As dunnhumby media, we are not only able to activate programmatic campaigns using Sociomantic‘s proprietary technology, but also offer complex in-store, online and at home media solutions and run campaigns that feel more relevant and personal across other media channels.

Why dunnhumby media?

Our unified forces can provide:

  • Over 25 years in managing media campaigns that build trust with clients and customers by applying insight to activation.
  • Market-leading analytics and unique Customer Data Science expertise across audience creation, connected planning, closed loop measurement.
  • A global footprint and existing relationships with 1000+ leading advertisers and retailers
  • Media partnerships with key players, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • The best proprietary programmatic technology, thanks to Sociomantic Labs
  • Proven experience and strong results in transforming data assets into highly relevant communications across owned and paid channels
  • A collaborative and transparent work ethic

Now, with dunnhumby’s media capabilities (enriched by Sociomantic’s market-leading programmatic tech) and data on top of it, we offer something no-one else can: the possibility to help retailers and advertisers reach to their customers at the right place, time, with the message that resonates. A mere promise from many but, from us, a certainty. Let us prove it.