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Life at the Labs

At Sociomantic, we don’t do vanilla work-hard-play-hard. We work hard while playing hard. That’s because we love what we do just as much as the people with whom we do it. The fierce passion we put into our work, the drive to excel at everything we do, the ambition to go above and beyond all expectations – this is Sociomantic.

This is also what enabled us to turn 3,000 Euros into a global ad-tech pioneer with over 250 employees in 21 offices all by ourselves. The core of Sociomantic is our talent and our technology, not the investments of others, and we’re proud of this organic growth. Despite our rapid expansion, our bootstrapped nature allows us to stay true to that core. In light of the unique path we’ve chosen to follow, some have even gone so far as to call us Berlin’s Hidden Champion.

This is our story. It’s a startup romance packed with everything you’d expect — Club Mate, electronics beats and cheeky T-shirts — and a few things you wouldn’t, like our giant chandelier suspended next to an industrial crane over a life-sized chess board in our Berlin office. That stuff is great. But what truly defines us is our shared passion for building the greatest global technology company that Berlin – or the world – has ever seen.

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